Restaurant Damage Control

Don't panic when online reviews get ugly

Unfortunately, mistakes happen and not every problem is handled properly. An unhappy customer leaves and next thing you know there is a negative review on Yelp, TripAdvisor, Urbanspoon, Facebook, or Twitter. It’s important to respond to these online reviews to show the restaurant cares and is listening to the feedback from its customers.

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Bad Reviews and Ripoff report removal service :

Your restaurant’s search engine results are your online reputation—whether right or wrong, current or outdated, truthful or malicious. Critical Ripoff Reports, articles, blogs, reviews on Yelp, Urbanspoon, Open Table, outdated news, and malicious and inaccurate reviews can appear instantly and remain in the top search engine ranks for years. You have only a few seconds online for your restaurant to outshine the competition and make a good first impression. Our proven mouse trap will catch the majority of bad reviews before they hit review sites however if one does make it through we have a defense system in place.

Bad Reviews and Rip Off Reports :

Restaurant Reputations Damage Control offers proven solutions to Remove Fake Reviews for Restaurant Remove Fake Reviews for Hotels and suppress the negative search results with accurate positive content that you control. In essence, our solution pushes down the negatives and replaces them with positives. Restaurant owners face two types of negatives: negative reviews on, Open Table, Yelp, and similar sites as well as attack sites, blogs, and Ripoff Report–style sites ( We have defence solutions for both.

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Here are some strategies for performing damage control and replying to customer complaints online.

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Personalize the message :

Make sure to address the customer by name if possible and acknowledge his or her point of view. This shows you are paying attention and are open to hearing constructive feedback. It also is a great way for restaurants to learn about how they can improve. If all the negative reviews mention a specific dish or slow service at the bar, it might be time listen and make adjustments.

Private message :

While Yelp and TripAdvisor allow business owners to address customer reviews publicly, it can also beneficial to send a private message. This is a great chance to invite the customer back to the restaurant and improve upon his or her experience. By being proactive, restaurants have the opportunity to turn a negative into a positive and ultimately capture a potential repeat customer.

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We can handle negative Google results including :

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Complaints :

  • Reputation bashing sites
  • Ripoff Reports
  • Pissed Consumers
  • Unfair rants and complaints

Court documents :

  • SEC filings
  • Court records
  • Lawsuits & litigation
  • Business filings
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News, press and blogs :

  • News articles
  • Press coverage
  • Blog posts
  • Gossip sites

Images & videos :

  • Images and photos
  • Mugshots
  • Videos
  • Other multimedia
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Advantages :

  • Push down negative information on search engines
  • Suppress malicious and inaccurate reviews.
  • Remove Complaints from rip off report, consumer complaint and more.
  • Repair safeguard against exploitation and innuendo.
  • Restaurant damage control and Hotels damage control