Customer Survey

Get insight from your customer

Customer surveys are an important tool to know about your customer’s mindset. Their feedbacks can give you an idea regarding their needs so as to give you a scope for further improvements. Our reporting portal tends to analyse the data that have been gathered from the customer surveys.

A special focus on the Data integrity :

It is often found that data are hacked on social sites and so in order to keep your company’s data safe we adopt varies fraud prevention methods. We use special validation codes and algorithms that at once detect duplicate participants and thereby help in maintaining data integrity. The response pattern analysis can assist to provide complete assurance to your data security. Use of these techniques can protect your survey data from reaching to the malicious employees or customers who intends to degrade your restaurant’s reputation.

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Developing customer feedback campaigns :

We make use of applications of modular survey for the development of customer feedback’s and VOC. This survey application provides the following advantages:

  • This application tries to put the voice of your customers into the fore with the help of a loyalty module and also with core customer satisfaction.
  • Use of dynamic add-on modules can help a business to deal with the questions frequently asked by the customers in a swifter way.

Reporting portals :

We use effective software for reporting tool that can help in providing access to voice of the customer surveys. It is a mobile friendly portal that features a range of reporting features that assist the client team for taking any kind of action in an easier manner.

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Program design :

We try to customize as well as design customer feedback’s, data, participation incentives and methods of invitation across customer lens. This might ensure that the business strategies are relevant as well as actionable to your concerned stakeholders.

Frequent responses :

The Repumint can lead to large number of responses. It is operated with the use of both sampling as well as random techniques for ensuring that your customer voice can be represented in a proper manner and it should be a representation of your entire customer base.

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Robust Analytics :

A large number of quantitative as well as well as qualitative techniques that are solely based on facts are offered by RepuMint. Our main motto is to transform your customer’s voice into actionable insights. The analytical feature is committed to delivery of data to appropriate person and at the proper time.

Grow your brand equity through feedbacks

Nowadays customers wish to deal with a company that are quick in responding to them. For developing your brand image you need to know the art of listening to your customers. Brand leaders are able to grow their business by being responsive to the queries of the customers.

The RepuMonk voice is likely to help you to prioritize, monitor and act upon the feedback’s of the customers. The survey solutions that are engineered by us can be availed at any of the devices like tablet, smart phones, laptops and even landline phones. Our survey solutions are available for both your offline as well as online businesses and listening posts can be availed at each of the customer touch points.

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Sections of stakeholders who are able to gain support due to optimal designed customer voice program have been enlisted below :

  • Sales operations
  • Department mangers
  • Location Managers
  • Social media Mangers
  • Call center + ecommerce operations
  • Human Resources+ training

A sample has been provided for the customer voice surveys :

  • Automated interactive voice survey (IVR): for feedback’s customers can call at the toll-free number.
  • Call center follow up: The triggered email survey has been a part of the call resolution
  • Point of sale or service: Receipt based invitations are use or the survey
  • Pop-up survey or Website intercept: After browsing through the site in-session invitation is given for the feedback’s.

Customer feedback's are a way to get an insight into business :

  • How are the customers feeling about our brand?
  • Do the customers wish to do further business with us? If not why?
  • Do our service delivery is able to satisfy the customers?
  • What are our loopholes in service delivery?
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Net Promoter Scores serving as a foundation for the VOC surveys :

The Repumint customer voice can be called scored evaluations that are meant to allow your customers to provide their feedback’s based on their experience of dining at your restaurant and also feedback’s about your staffs. Both close ended as well as open ended questions are given in the surveys. Our recommendation is to keep the length of your surveys to five minutes so that you are able to maximize or minimizes the drop outs. It will allow you to ask at least 15-20 questions.

Focus of the net promoter core surveys :

  • Chances of your customers to give references of your brand core services.
  • Chances of your customer’s future visit at your restaurant.

Measure, manage and model customer experiences at different call centres :

You need to have call center at different touch points. These call center can be customer oriented, transactional or even informational. It tends to become one of the most important channels for customer interaction.

The real time call center interactions help to voice to your brands and assist you to establish a strong connection with the customers.

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Repumint call center voice meant for the customer survey is sure to assist you to get a clear understanding about your customer experiences. You will be able to get access to a number of information like hold times, professionalism, offline follow up, call resolution and friendliness of the representative. These call resolutions can be found at different touch points and d this also includes Omni channel initiatives.