Online Ordering System

Assist your guests to place orders in mobile apps, Facebook page or in your website.

When you are online then the first thing that entraps your mind is how to design your website in an attractive way? RepuMint can solve your problem by transforming your website into an area whereby customers are able to know your restaurant’s menu and your services properly. We will create an intuitive system of ordering online that will assist your guests to place orders in mobile apps, Facebook page or in your website.

Book your table online :

Give your customers wide range scopes for making your website more engaging. You can keep the options of “booking table” in your website without any charges.

Restaurants can provide opportunity to customers to order food in advance so that your chef prepares the dish just before the arrival of your customers. Satisfied customers, faster table turn over.

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Receiving orders directly on your tablets or Smartphone :

Whenever your customer places an order you will get notifications on your android phones or tablets instantly.

Improving ways of placing orders :

Our main objective is to allow your customers to provide multiple options for placing orders. More than half of the customers are millennial and out of them 90% uses mobile devices.

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Branded ordering :

RepuMint is committed towards providing a unique platform for online branding with the use of customer analytics as well as market automation and lot more features to give you a competitive edge.

Increase your restaurant’s sale :

It can be assumed that phone orders are cheaper than online orders. The online ordering software can help you to up-sell specific menu items and even marketing automation could increase their sales.

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Advanced features :

RepuMint offers you with ordering features that is sure to increase your revenue. Our amazing features are simplified and it is sure to free you from ordering worries and focus on your business.


You need to spread the word of mouth about your restaurant through Menu Drive's promotion and marketing features. You will definitely going to establish connection with your guests.

Loyalty program

There are almost 90% of the marketers who are of the opinion that customer loyalty programs are helping them to achieve a competitive edge. You need to design your loyalty programs in such a way that it gives indication to your customers that they are being valued.

Managing stores

The store management features that are provided by us help you to manage your stores in a more convenient manner. This platform helps you to bring changes in your track sales and analyse marketing or business set up.

Receiving orders

We have made online ordering quite convenient as well as easier for your restaurant as it will give complete assurance to your customers. Menu-drive makes it easier for you to receive orders through email, web dashboard and smart printer.

Ordering via mobile

We have built a version of your restaurant’s website in mobiles. It will help you to reach to your customers irrespective of the devise that they use.

Processing of credit cards

We are working in collaboration with the PCI complaint payment processors. The tool makes use of cyber security features that is meant to ensure security and safety of your credit cards.