App Development

Apps are making it easier for customers to place order or reserve table online

Almost all the industries are trying to enrich their customer’s experience through mobile apps and hospitality industry is no exception. The newly designed mobile apps are making it easier for customers to place order or reserve table online and there are some people who even enlist their dining preferences.

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    Focus on the template

    Template is one of the crucial parts of any restaurant’s app. It should showcase their menu items an also offers t hat are given by the restaurant.

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    Review Generation for Hotels

    Designing app

    You need to make your apps attractive and equipped with logo of your restaurant. You need to adjust the colour scheme as per your brand.

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    Review Generation for Restaurant

    Add content

    Design your app with a list of menu and also decorate your app with lots of images. Your app should have options of drag and drop for in-app bookings.

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    Google Review Generation

    Live app

    Start to reap rewards for your hotel and be live on your app and get close to the customers.

Yelp Review Generation

Adding restaurants

Try to add orders and delivery systems of multiple restaurants.

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Use pay pal and stripe for securing your payment.

Restaurant Facebook marketing

Geo Auto-Push messaging

Seek customers nearby by you.

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TripAdvisor Review Generation


Display beautiful images of your restaurant and share it on Facebook or Instagram.

Restaurant Facebook ads


Allow your customers to reserve their tables via mobile apps.

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Delivering personnel apps

Individual apps meant for delivering personnel.

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Loyalty program

Increase your customer base by offering them coupons and discount offers.

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Triggering notifications

Start triggering messages or push notifications that are based on customer segment, time or location. The notifications can also contain updates, discounts or special offers.

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Booking systems and calendars

Try to update events at your restaurant in the calendar of your app because it will help customers to stay updated about the events in our restaurant.

Reputation Dashboard

Drop and drag app builder

With the help of a simple drag and drop option use features like remove, ad or edit.

Reputation Dashboard for hotels

Full brand control

You can guarantee your brand consistency by pulling own photos, information, logos or color schemes from Facebook account or from web sites. Stop entering everything manually or digging for the hex codes.

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Pay online

It is quite easy to order food via online due to the online payment apps.

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Food Court :

Customers can order food by adding multiple restaurant options with the help of food court feature. Food court is helping both service providers as well as service users to communicate with each other on a single platform. Food ordering has become easier with the help of this feature. This feature does not only benefit food court owners rather it helps the delivery attendants as well as restaurant to earn large parts of revenue. An admin dash board is given by u our food court along with its three apps like delivery app; restaurant app and customer app are too included.

Restaurant app :

This app helps the restaurant owners to enjoy the following features :

  • They are able to manage their inventories with the help of White Label Admin Dash Board.
  •  Assistance in tracking orders and managing food orders.
  • Orders are accept e only after the confirmation of delivery assistant
  • After the order gets ready for delivery notifications are send to the customers and also to the delivery attendants.
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Delivery app :

This delivery app can help the delivery attendants to do the following:

  • Delivery personnel can directly register themselves with the help of this app.
  • They are able to take or reject orders at a given point of time and can also get a track of the location of their delivery parcels.
  • Updating customers when they are :
      1. Rejecting or accepting orders
      1. Delivering order
      1. Picking up orders
  • Tracking the history of the order and monitoring its status.
  • SOS service
  • GPS navigation system to both customers’ location and of restaurant’s location.

Customer app :

  • Customers are able to register themselves directly from their mobile apps.
  • For auto payment feature they can register their cars for the payments.
  • Ordering foods from the nearby restaurants that are listed amongst the best restaurants.
  • Tip delivery personnel
  • They can track the delivery personnel’s status.
  • Automate payments can be made.
  • Able to track order history
  • Give ratings to the restaurants or write reviews base on their experience.
  • Mark their favourite dishes.
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The Admin Web dash board :

Super admin web dashboard gives the following scope to the admin :

  • Managing, updating and adding food as well as restaurant inventory.
  • Managing settings like order minimum amount, closing and opening timings and can also mange food orders too.
  • Update, add and manage the delivery personnel.

Food ordering via online :

Online food ordering is designed for the standalone owners and thereby helping them to establish a restaurant app that are equipped with push notifications as well as table reservations. Restaurant owners are able to design attractive restaurant apps with Repumint’s next-gen ordering feature that can help to grow their business and stay in the good list of their customers. Both web dashboard and customer app are provided by the order food.

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Web Dashboard :

Web dash boards can help restaurant owners to :

  • Manage, add and update food inventories.
  • Reject or accept orders.
  • Send notifications to the guests whenever the orders are delivered, dispatched or accepted.
  • Track history of orders and also monitor status of orders including the cancelled order.

Dine –In :

The feature of Repumint’s food court and the online ordering helps customers to make ordering process easier. Smartphone can help you to streamline your food ordering procedure at the dining space. Your restaurant will be at a total ease with the Repumint features. The dining experience of the customers is surely going to change with the help of this app.

Some of the dine-in features are as follows :

  • Helping restaurant owners to manage orders and inventories.
  • Allowing customers to choose their tables, ask for bill and place food orders instantly.
  • Staffs are briefed about the customer’s request.
  • The Repumint app is sure to provide an all stop solution for your restaurants or cafe. It helps you to establish mobile apps for food court and also for standalone restaurants.