Restaurant Management System

Attract more customers than you can handle, and increase your restaurant profits in half the time

Management of your restaurant franchises and chains :

Does your restaurant operate in various outlets?

Management of several outlets is often a difficult task. This is because a restaurant has to undertake complex task while handling all of their franchises. But do not worry about handling such complex task like billing and accounting because at RepuMint we are committed to establish a centralised system for you. RepuMint head office module helps you to take the command of your menu items and inventories in your hand in a more convenient way.

  • Dashboard View
  • Ultimate supervision
  • Handling user access
  • Syncing the information
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Managing stocks and inventories :

Get desired outcome for little efforts. You can get tracking details of your inventories and the stocks with the help of our POS. With this technology restaurants will be able to monitor the ingredients that are putting pressure on your budget and all the discrepancies in your stocks can be detected instantly.

Our tablet menu can enrich customer experience :

The savvy digital menu is a modernised way to give an interactive ordering experience. This new technique is operated in both iPad and the android tablets Customers are able to select from a wide range of menus and the attractive pictures of food items make it easier for the guests to choose their desired menu.

  • Generating quick kitchen orders
  • Easy transfer between tables
  • View menu on your tablets
  • Look for the popular items on the menu
  • Tracking turnover time of each table
  • Generation of split bills
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Software for managing restaurant :

RepuMint has designed integrated software that is equipped with plenty of third-party software and hardware systems, biometric devices, POS peripherals, credit card services, caller ID systems and many more amazing features. You will be able to obtain customer’s address as well as route drivers for quick deliveries.

  • View analytics and reporting
  • Sending the SMS updates to customers
  • Track delivery times
  • Making online payment accessible
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Reporting Apps :

You can manage your reports in a convenient way in your android phones without sticking to desktops or any mobile apps. With the help of it you will be able to handle multiple operations instantly.

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Keep a track on Food costs :

  • Keep a check on the total cost incurred by the outlets
  • Comparing and analysing food costs for knowing about their performances
  • Find out ideal as well as actual food cost for obtaining the data range
  • Calculate variance for knowing ideal and actual food costs
  • Analyse the reports for taking appropriate decision

Central control over recipes of different dishes :

The mobile apps that collect POS reports can assist a restaurant to summarise their reports. You will get the revenue of your restaurant right on your smart phones. A large number of reports can be accessed through mobile apps.

  • Predicting sales of each outlet on the basis of reports
  • Estimating total stocks required for inventory
  • Forecast stock requirements by keeping a track of average stocks
  • Always forecast during purchase orders or while raising indents
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Restaurant Management System