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You control when the message is sent and what it says!

Loyalty programs can be called a powerful weapon adopted by restaurants to stay ah e of their competitors. A restaurant cannot think that they could earn revenues instantly by such programs. However it is a very wrong concept because a business needs to formulate effective strategies prior to starting with their loyalty programs. A well planned loyalty programs is meant to give you immense success.


Out of 1000 customers are of the opinion that they sign up only if the restaurant offers a loyalty scheme.


Of the total restaurants said that building up of a customer database is their top priority.


Of the restaurants have set long term loyalty as one of their first three goals of this year.

Making loyalty programs Automatic, Flexible and Accessible:

One of the best ways to formulate a good customer loyalty program for restaurants is to make it easier. Make it easier for the customers and for the cashiers so that they do not face any sort of problem regarding getting access to customer loyalty programs. Try to integrate loyalty in each of your operations so that your customers are able to redeem their rewards by either ordering online or by opting for the in-store. Use emails, phone or a loyalty card that’s up to you!

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Successful Campaign:

The buy 10 get 1 free offer is such an old school! Modern days come with new types of reward systems. By opting for hi-tech loyalty programs, a restaurant can not only make the reward giving process easier but it also makes m marketing automation quite flexible. Flexible automated tools can help customers to remember of your wonderful restaurant. Some of the automated procedures for triggering communication are given below:

Remove bad links from Google

Points Earned

Remove Negative Yelp Reviews

Near a Reward

Review Response for Restaurant

Welcome to the Program

Remove Negative online review


Get consumer reviews

Enroll Anniversary

How to Respond Negative Review

Unable to visit for a long time

Remove Negative consumer feedback

$ Spent

respond to negative review


Remove bad TripAdvisor restaurant reviews

# of Times Visited

Review Response for Hotel

Lifetime Spend

Establish communication channels :

In order to gain trust of the customers it’s better to stay in touch with them. Customers always want to communicate with their favorite restaurants. Apart from using e-mail, you can use mobile notification is more powerful and less time consuming. Loyalty programs for hospitality industry acts as a bridge between you and your customers and their loyalty can be greeted with attractive gifts. You can even surprise them by making their online accounts visible whenever they place any order.

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Collecting feedback's :

One common question from you will be: what steps we take for doing it? Our answer is that loyalty is the only solution to automate feedback’s from your customers.

Seeking new customers :

You can grow your business by increasing the customer base. This can be done by powerful referrals as well as through marketing incentives.

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Empower your business :

With the help of broadcast methods and marketing templates took control over the market.