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Make your customer feel special

The retailers are trying to focus on customer loyalty as one of the main marketing objective. This is the reason why loyalty clubs have started growing on a faster rate in each and every sector. Nowadays customers intend to receive gifts in return of their loyalty from a retailer. In such a situation your main responsibility should be to meet the demands of your customers by offering them with attractive gifts. You should not let your competitors to take advantage of it by winning over your potential customers with exclusive gift offers such as birthday benefits.

We try to establish a strong bond with our customers by making them feel special on their special occasions like:

  • Anniversary
  • Birthday
  • House warming date

The medium that are used by us for connecting with our customers include the following:

  • SMS
  • What’s app message
  • Email

Email Messages of Birthday :

Email birthday messages have become one of the best ways to run your loyalty programs successfully. Whenever you send birthday messages to your customers they feel special and this in turn helps in building a bridge of trust between a retailer and a customer. A strategically formatted email message is always welcome by your customers.

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Why Choose Email?

  • Wide range of beautifully designed templates are available
  • Marketing images can be used
  • It can be sued along with other loyalty programs
  • Low cost
  • It is easily automated

Emails are used by almost all the retailers. It has been found that about 95% of the people have email accounts and out of them 91% check their emails on a regular basis. However one of the major problems that are associated with email is that there are few people who actually open the email, so it is better to mention the name with a touch of personalization in the subject line of the email.

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Your email should mention the special offer along with the customer’s name in the subject. The body of the email should be filled with birthday offers and this may include birthday packages, celebrity food and drink offers, new gadgets and whatever you feel relevant for wining over your customers and increasing your sales. Try something which is both smart as well as simple!

Text Message :

Mobile marketing is the new way to connect with the customers. It can be said that text messages proves better than emails as customers feels more special when you text them on their mobile phones. In contrast to emails, almost 98% of the customers open their text messages. Apart from it text messages are low cost in comparison to emails and it can be easily operated and is accessible to the customers.

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Using a Text Club :

  • Personal
  • Low cost
  • Open rate of 98%
  • Instant
  • Easily automated

With the help of text messages retailer can automate messages on time and no planning is required for a text message. The absence of a template makes it easier for a retailer to operate it without any sort of difficulties and hence it is quite preferable to busy retailers who do not have time to prepare a well designed email message.

You do not need to include personalisation while sending a text as people often opens their text messages. A simple birthday wish with a wonderful birthday offer is sure to win over your customer and build a relation for a life time.

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POS Notifications :

There are some fast-paced business organisations that look for point of sales systems that are automated. This means that as soon as your customer swipes their loyalty card the cashiers get a notification regarding the birthday offers which is to be given to the customers. The beverage or food retailer often adopts POS notifications. A restaurant POS notification is a real time saver as you will not have to verify the coupon codes or looking out for any age proof which is a hectic job.

In order to obtain maximum profit from the point of sell app you need to operate it with other forms of loyalty programs such as SMS or email because customers requires remainder that their rewards are waiting for them in the stores.

Direct mail :

If you are of the opinion that direct mails are quite costly and time consuming then don’t come to any conclusion without thinking over it once.

One of the main reasons for choosing direct mails is that in today’s digital world very now and then customers are receiving mails from a hub of marketing channels like social media, mobile and emails. As a result most of the messages remain unopened and in such a situation a direct mail is the only way to get customer’s attention.

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A single-sided birthday vouchers is another cheaper medium to obtain support of your customers. The local busies are trying to connect with their customers with the help of such vouchers.