Loyalty Programs

Delight your dinners and customers with rewards

Loyalty programs: A way to gain customers

It has been founded that loyalty problems ruins the relationship with customers. Customers often face difficulties while redeeming any rewards with the staffs that are not able to brief the customers on such programs and this creates havoc.

When a restaurant gives discount with some exclusion can be taken as an example of bad loyalty programs. Another example is a card system which requires limited space in customer’s wallet. In case they lose their punch cards there is no alternative way to know about the total amount spent and companies will not going to give you any answer for that.

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The conventional loyalty programs that are limited to cash back and discount coupons are no longer effective rather it brings problems than trust of the customers. Stop adopting such old way of customer loyalty programs and shift to something new and interesting like Repumint. Repumint can help you to manage your loyalty programs in a modern an effective way which is customizable and can be called a smarter marketing tactics.

  • Easy payments through loyalty rewards and programs
  • Personalizing the loyalty programs
  • Adopting product analysis method for data
  • Redeeming rewards and discounts with a card.

A successful customer loyalty program for a restaurant :

Do you want to know that how RepuMint handles the customer loyalty programs? Then have a look at the following scenario:

  • Waiter greeting their customers.
  • After serving drinks he introduces the guests with the loyalty programs and it can be availed as soon as their register themselves through their credit cards.
  • The customers will definitely feel at ease with such type of loyalty programs.
  • Your guests can register them by texting to your restaurant’s phone number. Another option is signing up through email or web site and can place an online order.
  • Satisfied customers recommend about your restaurant’s good service thereby growing your business.
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Improve the experience of your customers at a low cost :

Marketers often think that a sophisticated loyalty program for Restaurant might cost them huge capitals as the custom apps are quite costly.
With RepuMint you are at a safe zone! RepuMint can assure you to maintain a cordial relation with the customers by meeting their needs and giving them access to effective loyalty programs. Our loyalty programs will not going to put pressure on your restaurant’s overall budget. At RepuMint we use the same credit cards and accept payments with the help of your restaurant’s POS. However with us your guests do not need to download apps or any sort of loyalty cards rather they have to text or sign up to your website while they wait for their orders.

  • Build your loyalty programs
  • Give coupons as a reward
  • Obtain a thorough analysis of customers

Welcome guests with customizable offers :

Your restaurant’s loyalty should provide rewards only to your potential customers. It is almost like a souvenir that is meant for helping and supporting you for growing your business. Incentives can be offered based on the total amount spend. Please note: Always remember that your discount offers is only for strengthening relationship with your customers so do not give them costly gifts! While dealing with the millennials, you need to structure reward programs in terms of spending total dollar spent.

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Repumint’s loyalty programs help your customers to accumulate the dollars spent and as soon as guests reach their goals, reward is automatically credited to their cards.
Do you have any idea? Guests usually spend almost 39% more for getting rewards.

  • Give souvenirs only to potential customers
  • Do not give costly gifts
  • Rewards are to be generated into their cards

Loyalty Programs